VisualDx Integration

VisualDx®, when integrated with UpToDate®, helps you diagnose patients quickly and effectively with a comprehensive library of medical images illustrating visible symptoms, as well as a tool for rapidly building differential diagnoses.

Save time with instant visual identification

When integrated with UpToDate, VisualDx provides one-click access to high-quality images of visually presenting symptoms associated with various conditions, from dermatological diseases and drug eruptions to disorders of the eye and mouth. These images are helpful not only to dermatologists but to primary care and family practitioners who regularly diagnose and treat patients with these problems. When images related to a condition are available in VisualDx, they are identified by the orange VisualDx icon in the UpToDate search results or in the References section of the UpToDate topic. Clicking the icon opens the associated images in a separate browser window, so you never have to hunt through textbooks for pictures, saving the limited time you have to spend with your patients.

Improve patient care with rich visual evidence

Integrating VisualDx with UpToDate adds another layer of insight into a wide range of UpToDate topics and recommendations. Accessing UpToDate with VisualDx enables you to:

  • Visually validate a diagnosis by comparing medical images to a patient’s presentation
  • “See the differential” dynamically as you enter patient data into the VisualDx Differential Builder
  • Receive evidence-based recommendations for managing patient care
  • Provide on-the-spot visual information to help patients better understand their conditions

VisualDx integrates seamlessly with UpToDate

If your organization has on-site institutional licenses for both UpToDate and VisualDx, the two systems are integrated automatically. If you don’t have a VisualDx license but would like a free 90-day trial, or you have a question about using VisualDx with UpToDate, please call VisualDx at 1-800-357-7611.

UpToDate Graphics Search
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