UpToDate Search Features

Search UpToDate® topics in multiple languages

When the evidence changes every day, you turn to UpToDate to get reliable actionable information for patient care. Search in Your Own Language streamlines search capabilities by enabling queries and navigation in multiple languages. Improved search accuracy helps clinicians find answers to clinical questions more quickly and easily.

With Search in Your Own Language, clinicians can:

  • Search and navigate in any of 16 languages
  • Auto-complete search terms in 16 languages
  • Use the default language setting for a country or choose an alternate language setting
  • Guide local language translations through feedback and suggestions link

Supported languages:

  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

NOTE: UpToDate search, navigation and auto-complete is available in multiple languages. UpToDate topic content remains in English.

Voice-enabled search via the mobile app

On the UpToDate mobile app, you can choose to search with voice by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and dictate your query for results. The voice search function is compatible with all 16 languages supported by our Search in Your Own Language technology.

Graphics search

UpToDate includes a searchable graphics library of more than 36,000 pictures, tables, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, algorithms and videos. Relevant graphics are also linked in each topic. Learn more about this resource and how it helps users find answers quickly.

Enhanced search results and an improved user interface

UpToDate features enhancements that allow users to find evidence-based answers faster than ever. UpToDate synthesizes data from over 51 million monthly topic views to analyze search terms and information viewed by clinicians — analysis that enables UpToDate to quickly and accurately display relevant sections and graphics for a given search.

Navigating UpToDate is even more intuitive with a redesigned user interface that puts key features like Drug Interactions and Practice Changing UpDates on every page. Improvements also include:

  • "Quick Access" panel displays a preview of the top search result like drug information and Practice Changing UpDates. Subscribers of UpToDate® Advanced can preview UpToDate® Pathways and Lab Interpretation content
  • Links to sections and graphics within a topic that are most likely to answer a clinical question
  • Customizable search results that users can collapse to show more results per page (UpToDate remembers this setting for future visits)
  • Find in Topic now displays the search term immediately upon opening
  • Improved design makes it easier than ever to navigate UpToDate

Tailor UpToDate to your clinical needs

Bookmarks, History, Most Viewed - Clinicians can quickly and conveniently access the UpToDate content they find most valuable from within their registered accounts or individual subscriptions at any time and from any device with automatic syncing.