UpToDate Helps UK Clinicians Achieve Revalidation, CPD, and Medical Education Objectives

Leicester, UK — (March 25, 2013) — Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that its clinical decision support (CDS) system, UpToDate®, has a positive impact on medical education for not only registrars in training and junior doctors, but it can also play a role in continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation. Interactive learning that is sequenced or reinforced in multiple sessions improves retention and has the potential to improve quality of care.1 UpToDate is emerging as a resource in on-the-job continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation for senior clinicians.

Web-and mobile-device-based clinical decision support resources like UpToDate are playing an increasingly important role in the continuing professional development process. At the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, clinicians are jumpstarting the revalidation process by using UpToDate as a pain-free CPD resource. Real-time research using UpToDate at the point of care can contribute significantly to the self-led learning component of CPD, while also delivering improved quality of care and outcomes.

Sarah Sutton, Clinical Librarian at University Hospitals of Leicester, says: “Using UpToDate gives a patient-focused approach to CME. It gives doctors in my trust the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned when they access UpToDate to help make patient care decisions, and provides a pain free, efficient CPD experience. UpToDate is something the doctors in my hospital are passionate about and they feel encouraged and motivated to seek it out and use it.”

For revalidation, physicians will be expected to provide evidence of on-going medical education by participating in CPD/CME activities. Clinical decision support tools like UpToDate that offer online usage tracking and a certificate of completion can play a significant role in this process. UpToDate also has an important measurable impact on medical education for registrars in training and junior doctors. A study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that using UpToDate 20 minutes per day was comparable in knowledge acquisition to the benefit of a year in residency training.2

Denise Basow, M.D., Vice President/General Manager and Editor-in-Chief, UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions commented on UpToDate’s commitment to educating doctors: “Our mission is to improve care everywhere, and as a globally-recognized leader in continuing medical education, UpToDate helps clinicians stay current with the latest evidenced-based clinical knowledge.”

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