Recurring Billing

Subscribe to UpToDate® with our 30-Day Recurring Billing Option

Subscribing to UpToDate is more convenient than ever. Get access to UpToDate today for a low rate with our recurring billing payment option, as an alternative to an annual bill.* To ensure uninterrupted service, your credit card will be automatically charged every 30 days as long as your subscription is active. And it’s risk-free — you can cancel future recurring billing cycles at any time.


  • 30-day Recurring Billing orders must be placed online.
  • No portion of the subscription fee is refundable; however, you may cancel future billings by notifying UpToDate no later than five business days prior to the expiration of your current billing cycle by contacting customer service at or +1 781-392-2000.
  • Please note that the 30-day Recurring Billing subscription option is not eligible for tax exemption and is not available in all areas.

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* Prices are subject to change without notice. Rates may vary by country. Taxes are additional.