Provation MD

ProVation® MD software replaces dictation and transcription, allowing physicians to efficiently document procedures at the point of care. Built specifically for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, ProVation MD software solutions produce complete, coding-ready and image-enhanced documentation that results in greater efficiency, increased profitability and clinician satisfaction.

ProVation MD users can now access UpToDate® patient information in ProVation MD. UpToDate provides “The Basics” patient information, high quality, evidence-based education materials that are written in plain language. UpToDate patient information is consistent with UpToDate professional materials, upon which clinicians rely every day.

ProVation MD users can also access their UpToDate subscription in ProVation MD through the UpToDate search box. The integration of UpToDate with ProVation MD gives clinicians a seamless experience across products and encourages use of their UpToDate clinical decision support tool.

For more information visit the Provation® MD website.