Wolters Kluwer Announces UpToDate Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Integration with MV Electronic Health Record

Partnership Offers Clinicians in Latin America an Advanced EHR Solution with Embedded CDS

April 15, 2015 – Wolters Kluwer, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today the integration of its clinical decision support resource with the electronic health record solution from MV, a Brazilian market leader in health management systems. UpToDate®, the Wolters Kluwer clinical decision support resource used by over 1 million doctors in more than 170 countries, can now be embedded in SOUL MV®, an innovative electronic health record (EHR) solution with SBIS-CFM certification from the Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde (SBIS, the Brazilian Healthcare Informatics Society) and the Conselho Federal de Medicina (CFM, the Federal Council of Medicine). The integration simplifies and streamlines the clinical workflow within health institutions, so doctors can focus on providing the best quality care for their patients.

By accessing UpToDate from within the EHR, health professionals have one-button access to more than 10,500 clinical topics across 22 specialties. Embedding UpToDate in SOUL MV reduces lost productivity by eliminating multiple log-ins and toggling between several windows. With clinical decision support available seamlessly from within the patient’s health record, doctors find it easier to find answers to the critical clinical questions they have related to their patient’s care. The patented Search In Your Own Language capability permits search queries to be performed in Portuguese. This integration capability is available immediately in SOUL MV (version 02.052).

Wolters Kluwer offers UpToDate integration with leading electronic health record solutions around the world as a complement to enterprise-wide mobile access on smartphones and tablets but the integration with MV is the first integration specific to the Brazilian market. According to Denise Basow, MD, Vice President and General Manager, UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions, "Our partnership with MV is a critical step towards providing physicians in Brazil with a best-in-class electronic medical record combined with clinical decision support that has been proven to improve outcomes in numerous studies. As health professionals face increased time pressure, the new integration with SOUL MV helps streamline diagnosis and treatment decisions, improving the quality of care for patients by delivering the best answers with fewer clicks.”

“We are very pleased with this new partnership with Wolters Kluwer and UpToDate. This technology collaboration will offer extra value to our shared customers in Brazil and Latin America,” said Luciano Regus, general director of MV. “We are confident that clinicians will be delighted to access trustworthy answers to clinical questions directly within our EHR solution. We look forward to broadening the partnership to other Wolters Kluwer clinical information resources that focus on improving the quality of care and driving clinical productivity.”

UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions. UpToDate’s more than 6,000 world-renowned physician authors, editors and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality. More than 60 research studies confirm UpToDate’s widespread usage and association with quality metrics such as improved patient care and hospital performance, including reduced length of stay, adverse complications and mortality.

The EHR, which is one of the solutions in the SOUL MV platform, offers efficiency, agility, precision and security to meet the needs of healthcare information management. SOUL MV brings together clinical and healthcare administrative information for all aspects of patient care, simplifying data management and making the day-to-day work of doctors, nurses and other health professionals easier. The advanced EHR also enables powerful reporting and statistical analysis of clinical information, ensuring clear access to critical insights. Complying with the standards set by the Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde (SBIS) and the Conselho Federal de Medicina (CFM), the MV EHR is 100% integrated in the areas of medical supplies, financial, administrative, clinical care and executive management.

MV is the market leader in health management systems with a commitment to excellence, innovation and generating results. Growing side by side with customers, MV has expanded its operations continuously and sustainably, partnering and investing in the talent of the people. Today, it is a key player in one of the largest health communities in the world, providing specialized management solutions in the segment. More than 1,000 organizations, 100,000 physicians and 250,000 professionals in Brazil, Latin America and Africa have discovered the transforming power of using technology for management, health and life.

“The new partnership with MV is a result of the joint efforts of both UpToDate and Wolters Kluwer Emerging & Developing Markets divisions,” said Corinne Saunders, CEO Emerging & Developing Markets, Wolters Kluwer. “Wolters Kluwer has been active in the Brazilian healthcare sector for many years. Our organization is committed to increasing our participation in this sector by providing a portfolio of solutions that includes evidence-based clinical decision support to help care providers as they focus on hospital management, cost reduction, and the improvement of the quality of care.”

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