Installing UpToDate for Desktop on a desktop or laptop

Once you have installed and activated a 19.2 or newer version of UpToDate (sent out after July 2011), you are no longer required to install DVDs received in the mail. Your desktop application is now continually updated through an internet syncing process. For more information on the syncing process click here. As long as you have opened your application while being connected to the internet, you do not need to install and activate new DVDs. You can choose to opt out of receiving future DVDs. To do so, contact Customer Service at

UpToDate must be installed by a desktop user with administrative privileges. Only the UpToDate subscriber who will use this desktop should login and activate the program.

To install UpToDate on your Windows or Macintosh desktop or laptop computer:

Macintosh: Before installing the new desktop, navigate to the current UpToDate installation directory and run the uninstaller program by double clicking the Uninstall filename and selecting 'yes' to uninstall.

  1. Close any open programs on your computer, including virus protection software.
  2. Go to and login to your account. Go to My Account / Download Center and click on the 'UpToDate for Windows' or the 'UpToDate for Macintosh' Download Now link. (NOTE: If your current subscription does not include the downloadable desktop, you will be prompted to purchase this software)
  3. Run the installation file and follow the prompts.
    • Windows — utdsetup.exe
    • Macintosh —
  4. You will be asked where you want to install UpToDate. If the default installation folder is not where you want to install UpToDate, do one of the following:
    • Windows — Click the Browse button to select a different location, then click Next.
    • Macintosh — Click the Change Install Location button, then click the desired destination drive and click Open.
  5. When the installation is complete, you will be asked to login with your UpToDate subscriber username and password to activate your license.

    If your computer has an Internet connection, your license will automatically be activated.

    If no Internet connection is detected, you will be prompted to contact UpToDate for an activation code. The System Identifier must be provided to the UpToDate representative to receive this code.

  6. When the installation and activation are complete, you can run UpToDate as follows:
    • Windows — From the shortcut icon for UpToDate on your desktop or in the Start menu (under Programs).
    • Macintosh — From the alias for UpToDate on your desktop.