How do I merge two accounts?

Through the Consolidate Accounts feature, you can merge one account with another. This allows you to consolidate your account management activity — such as working with CME/CE/CPD credits — in one account.

The following procedure describes how to merge a source account (an account other than the one to which you are currently logged in) into a target account (the account to which you are currently logged in):

  1. In My Account, click the Consolidate my accounts link.
  2. Specify the user name and password for your source account.
  3. Click Log in.

    UpToDate displays a page that identifies the source and target accounts.

  4. Ensure that the desired accounts are identified as the source and target accounts.

    Important: After you merge two accounts, the merge operation cannot be undone, and the source account becomes inactive. Before proceeding, make sure that the information for the source and target accounts is correct.

  5. Click Submit.

UpToDate merges the source account into the target account. Any CME/CE/CPD credits that you have accrued are now stored in the target account, and the source account is no longer active.