How do I bookmark a topic? (desktop and mobile apps)

Desktop: To save a selected topic for subsequent reference, click Bookmark on the Topic Tools area in the upper right. The Bookmark label will change to yellow and Unbookmark. The yellow Unbookmark will be seen on future visits to this topic. To remove this bookmark, click Unbookmark.

To view a list of all your current bookmarked topics, select the Bookmarks button from the top toolbar.

UpToDate for iOS®: When viewing a topic there will be an outlined Star icon in the bottom tool bar. By clicking this Star the topic will be bookmarked (note that the outlined Star icon will now be solid. To unbookmark a topic then click on the solid Star icon and it will return to an outline form, this topic is no longer bookmarked. Bookmarking is also available for calculators and graphics.

UpToDate for Android™: When viewing a topic click the Menu button, click More and click Add Bookmark. To unbookmark a topic you are viewing, click the Menu button, click More and then click Remove bookmark.

When viewing a calculator or graphic, click Menu button then click Add Bookmark. To unbookmark a calculator or graphic you are viewing, click Menu then click Remove Bookmark.

To view your bookmarked topics, go to the UpToDate home screen and select Bookmarks. To remove an item from the list of bookmarks, click the Menu button, click Edit and then click the X next to any topic for which you wish to remove the bookmark.

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