Clinical Effectiveness

Advanced Clinical Decision Support (ACDS) – the road to Clinical Effectiveness.

Clinical Effectiveness

We help people make tough healthcare decisions to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs.

  • Advanced Clinical Decision Support (ACDS) is an integrated solution that provides clear, consistent, evidence-based information across the continuum of care to improve clinical effectiveness. From clinicians to pharmacists, patients, and payers — we help your entire care team make smarter decisions.
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Clinical Decision Support

Help clinicians make tough patient management decisions by providing current, evidence-based recommendations at the point of care.

Patient Engagement

Encourage patients to become more invested in their care and participate in shared decision making.

Personalized Medical Education

Help clinicians and patients learn and retain medical knowledge to ensure optimal outcomes.


Quantify the impact of integrated technology solutions on improving quality and reducing costs.

Our proven track record for impacting care and outcomes has earned the trust of over a million clinicians and thousands of healthcare organizations worldwide.


Guides clinical decisions at the point of care

  • > Helps providers balance the quality / cost equation
  • > Improves consistency across the continuum of care
  • > Minimizes the ambiguity inherent in patient care delivery
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Informs medication decisions at the point of care

  • > Helps reduce medication errors
  • > Improves patient outcomes
  • > Faster medication answers for increased efficiency
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Drug data powering EMRs and pharmacy systems

  • > Promotes better patient outcomes
  • > Helps reduce medication errors
  • > Offers tools to address alert fatigue
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Engage patients in their health across the continuum of care

  • > Simplify complex information to increase knowledge
  • > Improve compliance via personalized, interactive communications
  • > Motivate positive health behavior and gain insight into patient status
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