Can I access UpToDate online on my mobile device through my institution's site license?

You can access your hospital's UpToDate subscription using iOS® or Android™ mobile devices and tablets.

If your institution has a subscription to UpToDate:

When accessing UpToDate through a smartphone or tablet, UpToDate will automatically redirect you to the UpToDate mobile optimized website.

If you are still not able to access UpToDate after following the steps outlined above, you should contact your hospital's IT department.

  1. Access your institution's Wi-Fi network:
    1. Ensure your wireless device has a browser and supports cookies and JavaScript.
    2. Contact your IT department to ensure that your device has access to the hospital's Wi-Fi network.
    3. Confirm with your IT department that there are no access restrictions throughout your hospital.
  2. Using UpToDate on your wireless device through your institution's Wi-Fi network:

    When using your hospital's Wi-Fi access, your session will originate from your hospital's IP address and will be recognized by UpToDate.

    1. Ensure that your device is set to access the network via your institution's Wi-Fi network (not 3G/4G cellular access).
    2. Access UpToDate the same way you would from any hospital computer (i.e., via your hospital's intranet site or physician portal or by going to
    3. You are now ready to enter a search term.

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