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Treatment of stage I seminoma

Clair J Beard, MD
Section Editor
William K Oh, MD
Deputy Editor
Michael E Ross, MD


Testicular germ cell tumors (GCTs) can consist of one histologic pattern or represent a mix of multiple histologic types. Testicular GCTs are divided into two groups: pure seminoma and nonseminomatous GCTs (NSGCTs) [1,2]. Men with stage I seminoma have an excellent prognosis following radical inguinal orchiectomy. Therefore, treatment can be tailored to individual patient preferences.

The treatment approach for men with stage I seminoma is reviewed here. An overview of the management of testicular GCTs, the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and staging of testicular GCTs, and the approach to patients with stage II and stage III seminoma are presented separately.

(See "Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and staging of testicular germ cell tumors".)

(See "Overview of the treatment of testicular germ cell tumors".)

(See "Treatment of stage II seminoma".)

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