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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 50

of 'Overview of vitamin A'

Vitamin A transport in human vitamin A toxicity.
Smith FR, Goodman DS
N Engl J Med. 1976;294(15):805.
The plasma retinol transport system was studied in three patients with chronic hypervitaminosis A. The toxic state in each was associated with increased plasma concentrations of total vitamin A, and particularly of retinyl esters. The concentrations of plasma retinol-binding protein and prealbumin were, in contrast, non to retinol-binding protein. These limited clinical data support conclusions from detailed studies with hypervitaminotic rats, which suggest that vitamin A toxicity occurs when excessive amounts of vitamin A are presented to cell membranes in association with plasma lipoproteins, rather than specifically bound to retinol-binding protein. Retinol-binding protein may not only regulate the supply of retinol to tissues but also protect tissues from the surface-active properties of the vitamin.