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Noninfectious complications following lung transplantation

Vivek N Ahya, MD
Steven M Kawut, MD
Section Editor
Elbert P Trulock, MD
Deputy Editor
Helen Hollingsworth, MD


Lung transplantation is an important therapeutic option for select patients with end-stage lung disease and offers the potential for improved quality of life and long-term survival. Unfortunately, the lung transplant recipient is at risk for developing numerous infectious and noninfectious complications that threaten these objectives, including anastomotic problems, allograft rejection, primary graft dysfunction, phrenic nerve injury, pleural complications, venous thromboembolism, post-transplant malignancy, and recurrent primary disease.

General noninfectious complications of lung transplantation will be reviewed here. Other transplant-related complications, such as airway anastomotic complications, gastroesophageal reflux, reduced muscle strength, infection, and allograft rejection, are discussed separately. (See "Airway complications after lung transplantation" and "Physiologic changes following lung transplantation" and "Fungal infections following lung transplantation" and "Bacterial infections following lung transplantation" and "Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection in lung transplant recipients" and "Evaluation and treatment of acute lung transplant rejection" and "Chronic lung transplant rejection: Bronchiolitis obliterans".)


Acute and chronic lung transplant rejection are discussed separately. (See "Evaluation and treatment of acute lung transplant rejection" and "Evaluation and treatment of antibody-mediated lung transplant rejection" and "Chronic lung transplant rejection: Bronchiolitis obliterans".)


Lung transplantation involves completion of three anastomoses: airway, pulmonary arterial, and pulmonary vein-to-left atrium.  

Airway anastomotic complications — Airway anastomotic complications are discussed separately. (See "Airway complications after lung transplantation".)

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