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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 36

of 'Hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus'

The effectiveness of glucose, sucrose, and fructose in treating hypoglycemia in children with type 1 diabetes.
Husband AC, Crawford S, McCoy LA, Pacaud D
Pediatr Diabetes. 2010;11(3):154. Epub 2009 Aug 3.
OBJECTIVE: There is a lack of evidence regarding the most effective treatment option for managing naturally occurring hypoglycemia in children with type 1 diabetes. The objectives of this study were (i) to determine if sucrose and fructose are equally effective as glucose in the treatment of spontaneous hypoglycemia in children with type 1 diabetes; and (ii) to determine prestudy and poststudy hypoglycemia treatment preferences.
METHODS: Thirty-three subjects [aged 5.4-15.5 yr and average duration of type 1 diabetes of 3.1 yr (SD = 2.3)]participated in a randomized, crossover design. The main outcome was the effectiveness of treatment as defined by a blood glucose meter reading that was>or = 4.0 mmol/L 15 min after treatment. Each subject treated five hypoglycemic events with each treatment type: glucose (BD Glucose Tablets), sucrose (Skittles), and fructose (Fruit to Go).
RESULTS: There was a significant difference between the effectiveness of the three treatments [Wilk's Lambda F(2,28) = 8.64, p = 0.001]. No significant difference between treatment with glucose and treatment with sucrose was noted, but the treatment effectiveness for fructose was significantly lower than sucrose [F (1,29) = 16.09, p<0.001]and glucose [F (1,29) = 15.64, p<0.001]. The preferred treatment choices before the study were as follows: 36% glucose, 18% sucrose, and 33% fructose sources. Poststudy, 52% of children preferred the same treatment, which was effective (glucose or sucrose), followed by 35% who changed their preference to an effective treatment.
CONCLUSION: Skittles are as effective in treating hypoglycemia as more expensive BD Glucose Tablets in children with type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Clinic, Alberta Children's Hospital, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. allison.husband@albertahealthservices.ca