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Endometriosis: Treatment of pelvic pain

Robert S Schenken, MD
Section Editor
Robert L Barbieri, MD
Deputy Editor
Kristen Eckler, MD, FACOG


Endometriosis, which is characterized by endometrial implants outside of the endometrial cavity, is a chronic disease that requires a lifelong management plan. Despite extensive research, the optimal management of endometriosis and its related symptoms is unclear. This topic will review medical and surgical options for treating pelvic pain caused by endometriosis.

Other topics related to endometriosis are discussed separately:

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(See "Endometriosis: Surgical management of pelvic pain".)

(See "Endometriosis: Long-term treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists".)

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Literature review current through: Nov 2017. | This topic last updated: Nov 30, 2017.
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