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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 62

of 'Clinical staging and conservative management of peripheral lymphedema'

Pneumatic Compression Improves Quality of Life in Patients with Lower-Extremity Lymphedema.
Blumberg SN, Berland T, Rockman C, Mussa F, Brooks A, Cayne N, Maldonado T
Ann Vasc Surg. 2016;30:40. Epub 2015 Aug 7.
BACKGROUND: Lymphedema is an incurable and disfiguring disease secondary to excessive fluid and protein in the interstitium as a result of lymphatic obstruction. Pneumatic compression (PC) offers a novel modality for treatment of lymphatic obstruction through targeting lymphatic beds and mimicking a functional drainage system. The objective of this study is to demonstrate improved quality of life in patients with lower-extremity lymphedema.
METHODS: Consecutive patients presenting to a single institution for treatment of lymphedema were all treated with PC for at least 3 months. All patients underwent a pre- and post-PC assessment of episodes of cellulitis, number of ulcers, and venous insufficiency. Post-PC symptom questionnaires were administered. Symptom improvement was the primary outcome for analysis.
RESULTS: A total of 100 patients met inclusion criteria. At presentation, 70% were female with a mean age of 57.5 years. Secondary lymphedema was present in 78%. Mean length of PC use was 12.7 months with a mean of 5.3 treatments per week. Ankle and calflimb girth decreased after PC use, (28.3 vs. 27.5 cm, P = 0.01) and (44.7 vs. 43.8 cm, P = 0.018), respectively. The number of episodes of cellulitis and ulcers pre- and post-PC decreased from mean of 0.26-0.05 episodes (P = 0.002) and 0.12-0.02 ulcers (P = 0.007), respectively. Fourteen percent had concomitant superficial venous insufficiency, all of whom underwent venous ablation. Overall 100% of patients reported symptomatic improvement post-PC with 54% greatly improved. 90% would recommend the treatment to others.
CONCLUSIONS: PC improves symptom relief and reduces episodes of cellulitis and ulceration in lower-extremity lymphedema. It is well tolerated by patients and should be recommended as an adjunct to standard lymphedema therapy. Screening for venous insufficiency is recommended.
Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY. Electronic address: Sheila.blumberg@nyumc.org.