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Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of adult Still's disease

Lisa A Mandl, MD, MPH
Section Editor
James R O'Dell, MD
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Paul L Romain, MD


Adult Still's disease (ASD) is an inflammatory disorder characterized by quotidian (daily) fevers, arthritis, and an evanescent rash. First described in children by George Still in 1896, "Still's disease" has become the eponymous term for systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis [1]. In 1971, the term "adult Still's disease" was used to describe a series of adult patients who had features similar to the children with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis and did not fulfill criteria for classic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) [2]. (See "Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Clinical manifestations and diagnosis".)

The clinical manifestations and diagnosis of ASD will be reviewed here. The treatment and prognosis of ASD are presented separately. (See "Treatment of adult Still's disease".)


The etiology of adult Still's disease (ASD) is unknown; both genetic factors and a variety of infectious triggers have been suggested as important, but there has been no proof of an infectious etiology, and the evidence supporting a role for genetic factors has been mixed. It is uncertain whether all patients with ASD share the same etiopathogenic factors.

Proposed pathogens have included numerous viruses [3-7]; suspected bacterial pathogens include Yersinia enterocolitica and Mycoplasma pneumoniae [5,8].

As an example of studies of the immunogenetics of ASD, in a series of 62 French patients, human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-B17, -B18, -B35, and -DR2 were associated with ASD [9]. However, other studies have not confirmed these findings [10]. Familial cases are uncommon, and there have been few reports of cases in twins [11].

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