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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 55

of 'Bronchiolitis in infants and children: Clinical features and diagnosis'

Acute bronchiolitis: a three year study.
Dawson KP, Mogridge N
N Z Med J. 1989;102(877):528.
Over the period 1986-88, 261 infants and children, with a mean age of six months, were admitted to Christchurch Hospital with acute bronchiolitis. There was a marked seasonal pattern, with peak admission periods occurring during winter and spring. Two hundred and two children (77%) had a nasopharyngeal aspirate performed for respiratory virus identification. Respiratory syncitial virus was identified in 113 (56%) of those who had viral studies performed. Using a score of severity, 150 (57%) of the children had a mild disease, 47 (18%) moderate, while 64 (25%) had a severe or very severe illness. The median stay in hospital was two days. No deaths occurred during the study period, although six infants required assisted ventilation.
Department of Paediatrics, Christchurch School of Medicine, Christchurch Hospital.