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Acute mastoiditis in children: Clinical features and diagnosis

Ellen R Wald, MD
Section Editors
Morven S Edwards, MD
Anna H Messner, MD
Deputy Editor
Carrie Armsby, MD, MPH


Acute mastoiditis is the most common suppurative complication of acute otitis media (AOM) [1]. In many cases, it may be the first evidence of AOM [2].

The clinical features and diagnosis of acute mastoiditis in children will be reviewed here. The treatment, outcome, and prevention of acute mastoiditis, as well as issues related to AOM, are discussed separately.

(See "Acute mastoiditis in children: Treatment and prevention".)

(See "Acute otitis media in children: Epidemiology, microbiology, clinical manifestations, and complications".)

(See "Acute otitis media in children: Diagnosis".)

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