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How to get better healthcare at a discount by making every click count

An op-ed article by Dr. Peter Bonis, CMO Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer Health, was recently featured on TheHill.com, a leading U.S. political website.

Dr. Peter Bonis, CMO Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health, op-ed author

"The U.S. is currently spending more than $3 trillion a year on healthcare (about the entire GDP of France). The rate of growth on healthcare spending (about 5.8 percent) is about 1.3 percentage points higher than the rate of growth of our GDP. At current rates of growth, healthcare will represent about 20 percent of our total economy by 2025. This is not sustainable."

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Datesort ascending Source Country
12/15/2016 What Caused Poison-Ivy-Like Blisters All Over This Man’s Hands? The New York Times Magazine United States
12/14/2016 Helfen Suchtrends von Klinikern, den Ausbruch von Infektionskrankheiten frühzeitiger zu erkennen? eHealthServer Germany
12/11/2016 I’m Dr. Scott Peak and This Is How I Play Dynasty League Football United States
12/09/2016 Think Like a Doctor: The Builder’s Blisters Solved! The New York Times United States
12/07/2016 Looking for cures in all the wrong places Allen American United States
12/01/2016 Tecnologia de CDS (Clinical Decision Support) permite que médicos tomem decisões com informações baseadas em evidências ComputerWorld Brazil
11/30/2016 Le ricerche on line per tracciare le epidemie di MERS Italiasalute Italy
11/29/2016 Speed need impels diagnostic healthcare advances Financial Times United Kingdom
11/25/2016 As pesquisas e dúvidas clínicas podem ajudar a antecipar surtos de doenças infecciosas? Revista HOSP Brazil
11/24/2016 Blog: Antecipando surtos de doenças infecciosas Saúde Digital News Brazil
11/22/2016 Патриот здоровья. Чему хочет научить украинских женщин канадский гинеколог ФОКУС Ukraine
11/21/2016 3 thoughts on the interplay between practice, research & reimbursement Becker's Spine Review United States
11/18/2016 Dra Anna Thorner: Pesquisas clínicas podem antecipar surtos de doenças infecciosas? Health IT Brazil
11/17/2016 北医-梅奥 碰撞中国全科医学发展新思路 Sohu China
11/09/2016 Wolters Kluwer redesigns its UpToDate online clinical decision support website... HISTalk United States
11/09/2016 11 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Flu And The Flu Shot The Huffington Post United States
11/08/2016 What the heck gör vi på vetenskapskurs för ST-läkare? Dagens Medicin Sweden
11/08/2016 Método avançado beneficia tratamento de pacientes cardíacos Correio Brazil
11/08/2016 Watch Anna Thorner's talk, "UpToDate: Using clinicians' searches to track outbreaks" International Society for Infectious Diseases United States
11/08/2016 Should I Trust Wikipedia With My Health? NPR United States
11/07/2016 How medical apps are being used in Syrian refugee camps iMedicalApps United States
11/07/2016 The practice of lifelong learning PM360 United States
11/04/2016 Should You Use Wikipedia for Medical Information? Health Tips Blog United States
11/02/2016 Wolters Kluwer New, Refreshed UpToDate Website Helps Clinicians Find Answers Faster with a Seamless Experience across Desktop & Mobile Web San Francisco Chronicle United States
10/31/2016 Why Aren’t Doctors Following Guidelines? The Hospitalist United States
10/26/2016 Apps for prescribers: how safe and effective are they? Prescriber United Kingdom
10/26/2016 Coping With Cold Hands and Feet Consumer Reports United States
10/26/2016 11 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Flu And The Flu Shot SELF Magazine United States
10/25/2016 Video: Getting the Right Information to Doctors and Patients at the Right Place and the Right Time HealthcareScene.com United States
10/24/2016 UpToDate: il supporto decisionale che fa bene all’ospedale e al paziente TopTrade Informatica Italy
10/24/2016 Empowering professionals China Daily China
10/23/2016 Biblioteca Marquesa de Pelayo de Valdecilla PressPeople Spain
10/23/2016 El doctor robot le espera en su consulta La Voz de Cadiz Spain
10/22/2016 Case of the Day Craig Chen MD Blog United States
10/21/2016 US-Versicherer bietet Medizinern Lösung zur Entscheidungsunterstützung eHealthServer Germany
10/21/2016 4 Signs of a Tech-Savvy Medical School US News & World Report United States
10/21/2016 Selfie-obsessed millennials can teach doctors a thing or two KevinMD United States
10/21/2016 6 Must-Have Apps for Nurse Practitioners Health eCareers United States
10/19/2016 Wolters Kluwer nomeia diretor de alianças estratégicas na América Latina Instituto Information Management Brazil
10/14/2016 The UpToDate Anywhere App - the mobile clinical resource HardiBlog, The Hardiman Library Ireland