Professional Search Box

Add the UpToDate® search box to your intranet

The UpToDate® professional search box allows users to search UpToDate directly from your intranet.

  • Faster Access: Clinicians get answers faster, with fewer clicks
  • Improved Usability: User friendly search
  • Flexibility: Can be added to multiple locations on your intranet

Professional Search Box Example:

Get the search box:

To get the search box code, please give us your email address and website URL. This information will be used only to email you the search box code and to notify you of new UpToDate search box codes when they become available.

To take advantage of this new tool and get the search box for your hospital, please contact your IT department and ask them to contact UpToDate from this page for the search box code.

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How the search box works:

A search box is an application that displays content directly on your web page. You can embed our search box in your practice or hospital website. Once you've added the search box, no technical maintenance is required.

When users search using the search box, they will be brought to a list of relevant search results on the UpToDate site.