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Our rigorous editorial process is one of the primary reasons that UpToDate® is the most trusted clinical decision support resource in the world.

Our more than 6,300 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers use their deep clinical domain expertise to critically evaluate available medical literature to produce original content in a succinct, searchable format that can be quickly and easily accessed at the point of care.

Dr. Gordon Guyatt from McMaster University, who coined the term "evidence-based medicine," makes 6-8 visits to UpToDate per year to work with UpToDate editors. Watch him in action with our physician editors as they review and analyze medical evidence that informs UpToDate graded recommendations.

Peer Reviewed Content

Each topic is assigned an author (a subject matter expert) and at least two separate physician reviewers. This group works together to perform a comprehensive review of the literature, culminating in clear recommendations for treatment and screening which allow clinicians to improve care. These recommendations are always based on evidence.

Our unparalleled due diligence has earned the trust and confidence of over 1.1 million​ clinicians worldwide and 90% of teaching medical institutions in the United States.

Editorial Process


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