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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 93

of '结直肠癌的分子遗传学'

Male mice defective in the DNA mismatch repair gene PMS2 exhibit abnormal chromosome synapsis in meiosis.
Baker SM, Bronner CE, Zhang L, Plug AW, Robatzek M, Warren G, Elliott EA, Yu J, Ashley T, Arnheim N, Flavell RA, Liskay RM
Cell. 1995;82(2):309.
Using gene targeting in embryonic stem cells, we have derived mice with a null mutation in a DNA mismatch repair gene homolog, PMS2. We observed microsatellite instability in the male germline, in tail, and in tumor DNA of PMS2-deficient animals. We therefore conclude that PMS2 is involved in DNA mismatch repair in a variety of tissues. PMS2-deficient animals appear prone to sarcomas and lymphomas. PMS2-deficient males are infertile, producing only abnormal spermatozoa. Analysis of axial element and synaptonemal complex formation during prophase of meiosis I indicates abnormalities in chromosome synapsis. These observations suggest links among mismatch repair, genetic recombination, and chromosome synapsis in meiosis.
Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland 97201-3098, USA.