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Contents: Children's health

AsthmaBirth defectsBlood disordersBones, joints, and musclesBrain, mind, and learningBreastfeedingCancerCare and feeding of infantsCerebral palsyDiabetes in childrenDigestive systemDown syndromeEar infectionsEar, nose, and throatEye infectionsEye problemsFluFood allergyGenetic conditionsGrowth, puberty, and sexual healthHeart and blood vessel diseaseHerniasInfectionsInjuries, first aid, and CPRKidneys and urinary systemMeningitisMental healthMovement disordersNewbornsRespiratory tract infectionsSafetySeizures and epilepsySkin, hair and nailsSleepSymptoms (diarrhea, sore throat, fever, etc.)Toilet training and bedwettingVaccines