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Sarcoid arthropathy

Winston Sequeira, MD
Rohit Aggarwal, MD, MSc
Section Editor
Peter H Schur, MD
Deputy Editor
Paul L Romain, MD


Sarcoidosis, a multisystem disorder of unknown etiology, is characterized pathologically by the presence of noncaseating granulomas in affected organs (see "Pathology and pathogenesis of sarcoidosis"). It typically affects young adults, and, although any organ may be affected, the disorder commonly presents with one or more of the following three abnormalities:

Bilateral hilar adenopathy

Pulmonary infiltrates

Skin and/or eye lesions

Musculoskeletal disease is a less common problem. However, joint manifestations may be clinically significant in patients with acute disease, such as acute arthritis with hilar lymphadenopathy and/or erythema nodosum [1]. Chronic arthritis and other musculoskeletal manifestations may also occur.

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