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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 36

of 'Evaluation of the infant with atypical genitalia (disorder of sex development)'

Anogenital ratio: measure of fetal virilization in premature and full-term newborn infants.
Callegari C, Everett S, Ross M, Brasel JA
J Pediatr. 1987;111(2):240.
To provide normative data, we measured anogenital distances in 115 infants of 25 to 42 weeks gestational age and 10 pregnant women, including anus to fourchette (AF), anus to base of the clitoris (AC), and fourchette to base of the clitoris (FC). All infant measurements showed positive and significant correlations with body surface area, weight, length, and gestational age (P less than 0.001). However, the anogenital ratio (AF/AC) followed a normal distribution and did not correlate with any of the anthropometric variables or age. Mean (+/- SD) value in infants was 0.37 +/- 0.07, and in adults, 0.36 +/- 0.07. An anogenital ratio greater than 0.50 falls outside the 95% confidence limits, suggests labioscrotal fusion, and indicates a need for further evaluation. Because it is independent of body size and gestational age, the anogenital ratio should be useful in diagnosing androgen-induced labioscrotal fusion in both premature and full-term female infants.