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Essential tremor: Treatment and prognosis

Daniel Tarsy, MD
Section Editor
Howard I Hurtig, MD
Deputy Editor
John F Dashe, MD, PhD


Tremor is defined as a rhythmic and oscillatory movement of a body part with a relatively constant frequency and variable amplitude. It is caused by either alternating or synchronous contractions of antagonistic muscles. Tremor is the most common of all movement disorders, and essential tremor (ET) is the most common neurologic cause of postural or action tremor.

This topic will review the treatment and prognosis of ET. The clinical features and diagnosis of ET are reviewed elsewhere. (See "Essential tremor: Clinical features and diagnosis".)

The surgical treatment of medically refractory ET is discussed in greater detail separately. (See "Surgical treatment of essential tremor".)


Important ET treatment issues include the following [1,2]:

Whom to treat?

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