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Distal forearm fractures in children: Initial management

Paula Schweich, MD
Section Editor
Richard G Bachur, MD
Deputy Editor
James F Wiley, II, MD, MPH


The initial management of distal forearm fractures in children will be reviewed here. The diagnosis, assessment, fracture reduction, and casting of distal forearm fractures in children and the care of pediatric proximal or midshaft forearm fractures are discussed separately:

(See "Distal forearm fractures in children: Diagnosis and assessment".)

(See "Closed reduction and casting of distal forearm fractures in children".)

(See "Midshaft forearm fractures in children".)

(See "Proximal fractures of the forearm in children".)

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Literature review current through: Nov 2017. | This topic last updated: Oct 08, 2017.
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