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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 41

of 'Clinical course and management of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance'

The persistence of immunophenotypically normal residual bone marrow plasma cells at diagnosis identifies a good prognostic subgroup of symptomatic multiple myeloma patients.
Paiva B, Vidriales MB, Mateo G, Pérez JJ, Montalbán MA, Sureda A, Montejano L, Gutiérrez NC, García de Coca A, de las Heras N, Mateos MV, López-Berges MC, García-Boyero R, Galende J, Hernández J, Palomera L, Carrera D, Martínez R, de la Rubia J, Martín A, González Y, BladéJ, Lahuerta JJ, Orfao A, San-Miguel JF, GEM (Grupo Español de MM)/PETHEMA (Programa para el Estudio de la Terapéutica en Hemopatías Malignas) Cooperative Study Groups
Blood. 2009;114(20):4369.
Multiparameter flow cytometry immunophenotyping allows discrimination between normal (N-) and myelomatous (MM-) plasma cells (PCs) within the bone marrow plasma cell compartment (BMPCs). Here we report on the prognostic relevance of detecting more than 5% residual normal plasma cells from all bone marrow plasma cells (N-PCs/BMPCs) by multiparameter flow cytometry in a series of 594 newly diagnosed symptomatic MM patients, uniformly treated according to the Grupo Español de MM 2000 (GEM2000) protocol. Our results show that symptomatic MM patients with more than 5% N-PCs/BMPCs (n = 80 of 594; 14%) have a favorable baseline clinical prospect, together with a significantly lower frequency of high-risk cytogenetic abnormalities and higher response rates. Moreover, this group of patients had a significantly longer progression-free survival (median, 54 vs 42 months, P = .001) and overall survival (median, not reached vs 89 months, P = .04) than patients with less than or equal to 5% N-PCs/BMPCs. Our findings support the clinical value of detecting residual normal PCs in MM patients at diagnosis because this reveals a good prognostic category that could benefit from specific therapeutic approaches. This trial was registered at www.clinicaltrials.gov as NCT00560053.
Hospital Universitario de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain.