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Medline ® Abstract for Reference 3

of 'Chronic hand eczema'

Chronic hand eczema: a prevalent and challenging skin condition.
Fowler J
Cutis. 2008 Oct;82(4 Suppl):4-8.
Hand eczema is a common condition in the industrialized world and the most common occupational skin disorder. The economic impact of hand eczema is daunting, with both direct and indirect costs. The former include medical costs, as well as costs associated with disability, workers' compensation, and rehabilitation, while the latter include absence from work, loss of productivity, job changes, and even job loss. Individuals with more severe, recurrent, or protracted hand eczema can endure serious psychosocial repercussions and a substantially impaired quality of life (QOL). In some cases, hand eczema adversely affects patients' social lives. Individuals with hand eczema also may experience emotional distress, including depression, mood disorders, and disrupted sleep. Because of these potentially deleterious economic and psychosocial consequences, hand eczema should be regarded as an important public health challenge.
Department of Medicine, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.