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Cecal volvulus

Richard A Hodin, MD
Section Editor
Martin Weiser, MD
Deputy Editor
Wenliang Chen, MD, PhD


A cecal volvulus is the rotation or torsion of a flexible cecum and ascending colon, frequently progressing to bowel obstruction, ischemia, necrosis, and perforation [1-5]. Volvuli can occur at other sites in the alimentary tract, including the sigmoid colon, stomach, gallbladder, splenic flexure, and small bowel [6,7].


The incidence of cecal volvulus ranges from 2.8 to 7.1 per million people per year [1,3]. Cecal volvulus accounts for approximately 1 to 3 percent of all large intestinal obstructions [8-10]. Depending upon the series and age of the patients, cecal volvulus represents 10 to 52 percent of all cases [4,11-15]. For example, a retrospective review of 137 patients with a colonic volvulus identified the following segments involved [12]:

Cecum – 52 percent

Sigmoid – 43 percent

Transverse colon – 3 percent


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